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Benefit from our floor preparation services

Ensure your new flooring installation goes to plan, thanks to the team at GMP Industrial Flooring, Antrim. For services in Northern Ireland and beyond, get in touch today.

Preparation is key to great flooring

Ensuring a great finish on your new flooring means properly preparing the surface at every step. For that reason, at GMP Industrial Flooring we have invested in fantastic floor preparation equipment, allowing us to offer an exceptional service at every stage. 

No matter the condition of the substrate, we'll ensure that you can enjoy a great start to any new flooring project, and can achieve the best results possible.

Our preparation services are utilised in our own flooring packages, but we are also happy to work with other contractors, flooring installers and builders. 

Graffiti Removal by Dustless Blasting

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is recognised in the industry as a modern, fast, versatile and dust-free method of dry abrasive cleaning, and for texturing surfaces. This method eliminates much of the mess normally associated with hand blasting, whilst leaving behind an ideal surface for coatings and overlays to be applied.


The abrasives used during operation and any debris created is contained effectively, to prevent hazardous working conditions and environmental pollution.

Diamond grinding

We use cutting-edge diamond grinding equipment for grinding materials down to a finished product. Our experienced team will ensure surfaces are prepared to a fine finish, with no swirl marks or imperfections, leaving you with an immaculate floor ready to use.

concrete diamond grinding equipment
Concrete scabbling machine


Multi-planing - also known as scabbling - is an essential part of working on concrete flooring, and is done before any polishing or final surface work.

It allows us to create the general shape and flatness of the floor, by using axe or hammer head-equipped machines to cut away at the top layer of a raw concrete floor.

The equipment can also be used to remove old road markings, and create a basic pattern or design ready for further refinement.

Floor sawing

Our industry-grade floor saws allow us to cut into a wide variety of floor materials. Water-cooled for maximum efficiency, we are able to handle even the heaviest of heavy-duty projects.

Asphalt or concrete cutting with diamond saw blade
Large garage with smooth flooring

Make us your first choice in floor preparation: call 07815 783787

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