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For that reason, GMP Industrial Flooring has invested in high-quality, industrial-grade surface and floor preparation equipment. This ensures we can provide the finish you require, whatever the current condition of the substrate. We use quality dust extraction systems as part of our setup, to make sure there is no contamination of the working environment.

We are also happy to provide a floor preparation service for other contractors, flooring installers and builders. Based in Antrim we have the capability of working on projects in the UK and throughout Europe.

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is recognised in the industry as a modern, fast, versatile and dust-free method of dry abrasive cleaning and texturing surfaces. This method eliminates much of the mess normally associated with hand blasting, whilst leaving behind an ideal surface for coatings and overlays to be applied. The abrasives used during operation and any debris created is contained effectively, to prevent hazardous working conditions and environmental pollution.

Shot Blasting

Diamond grinding

We use cutting-edge diamond grinding equipment that has been developed to meet the increasing demand for grinding materials down to a finished product. We ensure surfaces are prepared to a fine finish, with no swirl marks or imperfections, leaving you with an immaculate floor ready to use.


Multi-planing - or scabbling - is an essential part of working on concrete flooring before any polishing or final surface work can begin. It allows us to get the general shape and flatness of the floor, by using axe/hammer head-equipped machines to cut away at the top layer of a raw concrete floor.

It can also be used to remove old road markings and create a basic pattern or design ready for further work.

Floor Cutter

Floor Saw

Exactly as it says on the tin, our high-quality floor saws allow us to quickly and efficiently cut into flooring. We use water-cooled saws to maximise efficiency and ensure we can handle heavy-duty floor preparation projects.

Flooring system at Charles Hurst Ferrari

To complement their recently refurbished showroom, a new ‘high tech’ workshop has been constructed at Charles Hurst Ferrari, the official Ferrari dealer in Northern Ireland.

We were asked to assist with the installation of a flooring system in keeping with the Ferrari brand and suitable for a workshop environment.

The existing old concrete floor in the workshop was constructed in several slabs and therefore a high potential for movement existed. The floor required filling and levelling prior to the application of the new flexible surface finish.

The system proposed was a flexible 3mm visco elastic PUR resin system with a polyurethane seal coat. The seal coat has integral R11 slip rating and a high degree of chemical


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