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Our Work

Professional installations

We have a proven track record of successfully completed projects spanning over a decade.

The reason for our success is simple: we put you, the customer, first. From our initial contact, we will discuss the unique requirements you have on your project and the best ways we can make sure they are achieved.

Our policy is to always have one of the company's directors on-site overseeing each project to ensure the highest standards of workmanship and attention to detail throughout the contract. We will endeavour to help you find the products you require within your specific budget.

We work closely with world-class manufacturers of resin flooring and cementitious screeds such as Altro, Flowcrete and Remmers to bring you the right flooring solution for your project. Our expertise encompasses decorative, industrial and commercial flooring and hygienic wall cladding for all sectors, ranging from manufacturing to healthcare. We can also install fast set polymer screeds and pumpable screeds from 5mm to 50mm.

With our consistent high quality of work, it's no wonder we retain our customer base with continued repeat business. Why not get in contact and see how we can help you?

Case Studies

JTI Ireland - Tobacco

20,000m² Screed Quartz / 10,000m² PU Polyurethane

In common with all our clients, we work closely with JTI (formerly Gallahers) to meet their unique requirements. We schedule around their production times and take their staff and product into consideration with regard to noise levels, traffic and contamination.

As a live factory, production must continue uninterrupted and we ensure this by careful planning and preparation. To remove the possibility of dust contamination, the area of work is timber partitioned and plastic sheeted to the factory roof. Extraction systems extract the dust as it's created.

As with all our work, the surface on which we install the resin screed quartz and the polyurethane systems must be prepared properly. The existing floor (wood block and asphalt) is removed, scabbled and brought back to level with a fast-drying pumped screed. Finally the resin flooring is installed and after the area is cleaned, the site is returned to the client

Meat Processing Plant


To accomodate our client, hygeinic polyurethane flooring was installed in their meat processing plant during planned shut downs. Mostly scheduled during down time at the weekend, this ensured a minimum of disruption to the plant's operations. As always, work was carefully planned to ensure there would be be no possibility of dust contamination.


4,000m² Epoxy Resin Coatings

In this example of our new build work, we installed hard wearing epoxy resin flooring to the servicing bays for Northern Ireland trains. Working directly for the project contractor, work was planned around other trades to ensure minimum disruption. For an expedited installation process, two crews operated at the same time; one to prepare the surface and a second to install the resin flooring. This resulted in a quick completion and handover to the client.